mmmMember Food Fridays: Chef Bill Presents

Opening his new retail space in May of 2021, Chef Bill Presents has brought a whole new jam to Midland! Originating in 2016, Chef Bill created Drunken Jams out of a wanting to do something fulfilling in his retirement. Years later, the journey would bring him to downtown Midland by opening Chef Bill Presents!

Drunken Jams started out with just a simple Strawberry Daiquiri flavour and has expanded to include many different options! Chef Bill grew up in Midland so out of the choices of different retail spots, Midland seemed to fit. Chef Bill Presents does sell his famous Drunken Jams but he also provides made to order meals, has weekly specials that range from different cultures and even makes baked goods!

Chef Bill has also started expanding his jams to include completely alcohol free jams with classics you know like Shirley Temple and more. Chef Bill also brings in other high quality products like the specialty cheeses from Fromagerie Kapuskoise in Kapuskasing, coffee’s chocolates and more!

Chef Bill Presents is located at 478 Bay St in downtown Midland and is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

Now for some Chamber employee recommendations:

Jenna loves the Black Bean and Rice Bowl (pictured) because it’s light and delicious but filling!

Shelley loves all the varied Drunken Jam options – Strawberry Daiquiri & Blueberry Lemon Gin are her picks! They are also great for gifting!