mmmMember Food Fridays: Mom’s Restaurant

A Midland staple for decades, Mom’s Restaurant is one of Midland’s fan favourite spots for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner due to it’s quality, taste and history within our community! Currently owned by Fanny & Louie DeSantis, if you mention Mom’s to the community – you will get nothing but compliments, recommendations and praise.

The original owners of Mom’s Restaurant Midland were the Corson family; Shane Corson was a hockey player who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs among other teams. His parents were the ones who began Mom’s journey in Midland but after a family tragedy, it got sold to its current owners.

Did you know prior to being the new owner of Mom’s Restuarant, Louie DeSantis owned an apple orchard in Milton? Perhaps to do this, the DeSantis’ pride themselves on using quality, top tier ingredients that are enhanced even more by the resuarant striving to pan fry everything they can instead of breaking out the deep frier!

Mom’s Restuarant Midland is located at 200 Pillsbury Drive and is open Wednesday – Saturday 7am to 8pm and Sundays 9am to 8pm!

Now for some Chamber employee recommendations:

Jenna is a breakfast enthusiast so she always go for either the Cheese Omelette if she’s craving a savoury breakfast or the Blueberry Pancakes

Cathy recommends Scallops which are sauteed with Mom’s homemade garlic butter, herbs and spices! A delicious and light meal!