mmmMember Food Fridays: Rooted Plant Based Cafe

Rooted Plant Based Cafe is one of few completely vegan and is the one and only gluten free eatery in our community. Their food mantra is keeping everything as close to its roots as possible! 

Founded in Victoria Harbour in 2020, Rooted began after one of the owners had suffered a heart attack earlier that year, believed to be due to long nights working and consuming unhealthy food. They decided to alter their lifestyle and start a vegan cafe that focuses on simple, healthy dishes with very few unnecessary extras! Rooted didn’t begin as a gluten free business , but due to high demand in the community and a lack of any real options they decided to make the transition.

In 2022, Rooted Plant Based Cafe uprooted themselves and came to downtown Midland! Since coming to Midland, they have been the only plant-based option at Midland’s recent Ribfest and they have also started having a Sunday brunch buffet. Rooted also has an entire section for vegan/gluten free grocery items you can pick up after your meal!

Roote Plant Based Cafe is located at 349 King St, Unit 4 in downtown Midland and is open Wednesday – Friday 10am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm!

Now for some Chamber employee recommendations:

Jenna recommends the Carrot Dog; the perfect alternative for those even slightly adverse to the meat version of it!