WSPS Health and Safety Articles for September

1.12 ways to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 – General article

Flare-ups across the country suggest a second wave of COVID-19 may be on the way. Is your workplace ready? Here is a 12-point plan of action to help you get prepared.

2. Are your employees prepared to handle COVID-linked violence? – suitable for Services/Small Business/Hospitality

Aggressive incidents in the workplace are on a rise! “Some people are not at their finest right now, and employee abuse at the hands of customers is on the rise in retail/service workplaces,” says WSPS Mental Health Consultant Kristy Cork. Learn how your workplace and employees can be prepared to deal with COVID-19 related violence before something happens.

3. Are masks right for your workplace? – suitable for Manufacturing/Agriculture

Should your employees be wearing a mask? If you’re struggling to figure out what would be best for your workplace, here are answers to all your mask-related questions.