There is no good reason not to….

 …. join the chamber of commerce

“No time for it”

All the more reason to give your financial support to those who are working on your behalf

“Too many organizations”

The Chamber of Commerce is a partner in every business and with every citizen

“I’m a professional”

Then your greatest asset is people and a viable economy

“Just a branch office”

You become part of the community as a member of the Chamber of Commerce

We conduct our business outside the community”

You are part of the Southern Georgian Bay Chamber community, so the chamber needs your support

“Can’t afford it”

Membership costs less than $20 a month and in return for your investment you will see growth and prosperity of the community

“Maybe later”

No business – no city – stand still Other businesses will compete for trade territory, new industry, and new businesses

“The chamber is run by a clique”

Not so – The Chamber of Commerce is governed by by-laws with elections every year

“I’m just a little guy”

The best way to grow is by support from the Chamber of Commerce

“Not interested”

Can’t be true! You are interested in Southern Georgian Bay, you are interested in developing a prosperous business, you are interested in an improved economy. Then you must be interested in the chamber of commerce