mmmMember Food Fridays: Windlee Farms Maple Syrup

A local Tiny Township producer, Windlee Farms Maple Syrup is a family owned operation that has been producing delicious maple syrup for 30+ years!

Windlee Farms Maple Syrup has over 500 taps of their trees and as the times have modernized, so have they with going from the traditional buckets to collect the sap to a modern tubing system which if you visit during the Spring or Fall you can see for yourself in their sugar bush!

After collecting, Windlee hand crafts what ends up in their bottles and on your pancakes by using a wood fired evaporator. Windlee sells their maple syrup all year round and they also have a Spring maple event and a Fall maple event where you can go out to the farm, sample their maple syrup, tour the sugar bush and learn from Peter and Ann Lorriman, the owners and producers of Windlee Maple Syrup!

You can purchase Windlee Farms Maple Syrup at their farm located at 10 Baseline Rd N in Tiny and you can also buy it at a few local food stores like Georgian Bakery in downtown Midland and we even have some in the Chamber office!

Now for Chamber employee recommendations: 

We at the Chamber collectively love Windlee Maple Syrup on pancakes, french toast, even breakfast meats! We also always recommend everyone going out during their events to see the farm up close and personal!