Feeding Families 2016

Nov. 16/16

Re: Feeding Families

Every Christmas 104.1 The Dock & KICX 106 help the less fortunate in our area have a
brighter Christmas. This year marks the 2nd year for Feeding Families , our initiative that
helps raise food donations in different locations throughout Simcoe County from Dec. 1 st to
Dec. 15 th , 2016. We encourage any schools, companies or hockey organizations to get
involved and participate in this project.
Last year, our Dock & KICX announcers travelled from community to community in Simcoe
County collecting food and cash donations that stayed in those respective communities. This
is a tradition we will continue this year and are honoured to do it together for the second
time, Dec. 14 th & 15 th , 2016.
KICX 106’s Radio Auction will be under the Feeding Families umbrella as the proceeds will
be split between the Salvation Army locations in Midland, Orillia & Barrie. This will happen
on Dec. 1 st , 2016.

Here’s how your school, company or organization can be part of Feeding Families
● Start collecting November 21 st
● Call us to let us know you’re participating
● We’ll arrange a time for a photo with your team or school, a date to pick up food and
drop it off at your local food bank.
● Use the FREE Larche Radio App to record a short message saying your team is
participating. Eg. ‘The Orillia Terriers are collecting food for Radio Feeding Families’
or ‘ Huron Park collected 306 cans of food for Radio Feeding Families’.
Some of these may be used on air on both KICX 106 & 104.1 The Dock

Please contact Rob Tomkinson at 705-326-3511 ext. 205 to let him know that your school,
company or team is taking part in Feeding Families .
Together we can make dreams come true and memories that last a lifetime.


104.1 The Dock & KICX 106