News | March 22nd 2021

  | S.S. Keewatin Town Hall | Join Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton, Dan Travers from The Keep Keewatin Home Campaign, and Keewatin’s Curator, Fred Addis in a live discussion of the future for S.S. Keewatin. Mark your calendar for … read more

Happenings | March 17th 2021

  | Google My Business Webinar | Tomorrow: Thursday, March 18th – 9:30 am With Donna Chang and Jenny Vincent, Google Account Managers Destination Ontario is pleased to present the next educational webinar in our series: Google My Business. Learn how … read more

There is no good reason not to….

 …. join the chamber of commerce “No time for it” All the more reason to give your financial support to those who are working on your behalf “Too many organizations” The Chamber of Commerce is a partner in every business … read more

How to with Robin Elliott of OSCPA Midland

Tips to protect pets in cold weather Winter is here again, and while our furry friends still want to go outdoors, it’s important to look out for them and make sure it’s not too cold for them to be outside.  … read more

Behind the Business with Ryan Stacey of Black Light ISS

Tell us about your business. We are a private investigation firm that also provides public and private security guard services. We combine intellect with a physical presence in order to prevent potentially hazardous and devastating events from starting in the … read more

WSPS Health and Safety Articles

Reducing close contacts to avoid transmission of COVID-19 Maintaining strict social and household bubbles has proven to reduce the risk of transmission in our personal lives. Have a booming warehouse? Ramp up safety efforts Ontario’s warehouse industry is booming as … read more

WSPS Health and Safety Articles for November

4 ways to prevent a COVID-flu “twindemic” in your workplace The pitch: two invisible threats simultaneously infiltrate local communities. Unsuspecting residents spread disease as they go about their daily business. Everybody is at risk; nobody is immune. While this sounds … read more

WSPS Health and Safety Articles for October

8 ways for employers to take “every reasonable precaution” during a pandemic Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act says that employers and supervisors should “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker.” This is known … read more