Looking for a one-stop destination to enjoy local food 365 days a year?

Well, look no further, because Farm2Door has you covered.

“We feel that we’re actually partnering with our community,” explains general manager Bart Nagel. “Two out of every three dollars spent at Farm2Door go straight to the producers.

“So it’s absolutely true that together we’re keeping local food home. Through the easy access to local food we help create a sustainable paycheck for local producers, which in return makes it more attractive to produce local food.”

Nagel, his wife Simone and another couple, Evain and Rachel Maurice launched Farm2Door last April during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Both Bart and Evain have earned their stripes in the local food movement with Bulbs of Fire and BelleRoots Farm, respectively.

“We felt the need to find a platform to reach out to our customer base at a time when even farmers’ markets were uncertain to be opened for the season,” Nagel says.

“The initial idea for Farm2Door was an online ordering system for local food where local food lovers could opt for delivery or pickup. With our focus on local, buyers can be rest assured that the money spent stays local and contributes to a vibrant community.”

They started out working from Wendy B’s Fine Foods in Lafontaine. After a very successful launch of the webstore, the business relocated to Balm Beach Road in the former Mueller’s Sausages location.

Nagel says ordering online actually guarantees shoppers the freshest produce possible.

“Our platform started as an online ordering system and the logistics are geared towards that rhythm,” he says. “Bright and early, farmers and bakers come in to deliver the freshest food, straight from the field or ovens.

“And shortly after these orders are picked up or go out for delivery. If you value the freshest food possible, there is no better platform than our webstore.”

A few months after launching the webstore, Farm2Door opened a retail outlet, thereby expanding the accessibility of local food to both online and bricks and mortar retail.

“The business has grown steadily throughout 2021 and we now carry around 800 local food items of over 100 producers,” Nagel says.

“We offer our community incredible access to local food 365 days per year. The store is open six days a week, the webstore 24/7 and we deliver twice a week.”

As well, they donate farm-fresh produce every week to both the Guesthouse Shelter and local food bank.

They also run a weekly vegetable program/subscription called CSA (community supported agriculture) with members opting for a Wednesday or Saturday delivery.

“We see it as the core of our mission to build a sustainable connection between producers and local food lovers,” Nagel explains. “A membership typically spans 12 weeks.”

Farm2Door runs four CSAs per season and has fresh vegetables available every week of the year.

“The program works so well because members get notified early in the week about the contents of their vegetable share, so they can plan their meals around that.”

Nagel says it helps clients secure fresh local and seasonal produce while also helping producers plan their crops because they know what volumes are needed.

“It reduces waste, overproduction and helps small farm 

operators to focus on growing instead of worrying about sales. We would love our community to try a CSA membership with us and discover how delicious and fresh eating local (food) can be.”

Located at 159 Balm Beach Road East, the store is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To learn more about Farm2Door, visit them online at