2017 Business Achievement Award Recipients

Business Achievement Award Recipients


The Business Achievement Awards honours businesses in the community for their outstanding accomplishments and contribution to Southern Georgian Bay. Here are this year’s recipients: 


Dalton Timmis Insurance – Small Business Award 

Carole Reynolds from Dalton Timmis, & emcee Devon Teeple from RBC


Dalton Timmis Insurance is one of three offices in Ontario. They opened their doors in Midland in 2014 and have since grown from two employees to four, and are anticipating further growth in the years ahead.  Their substantial experience, product knowledge and customer care is increasing their client base annually. Following their initial year, the Dalton Timmis Insurance was honoured as “Brokerage of the Year” with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. As part of a corporate company, they provide charitable support to both local and national organizations.


La Clé d’la Baie – Large Business Award 

Jean-Francois Gregoire, Sylvia Bernard, Lori-Ann Seward, & Sylvain Menard from La Cle


La Clé d’la Baie has been loyal to the community of Southern Georgian Bay for over twenty years and continually strive to provide a level of service the public expects.  They have recently initiated projects that actively engages youth and the elderly enriching their personal lives.  La Clé d’la Baie are leaders in the area when it comes to Francophone educational childcare services as they operate two daycare centres in Penetanguishene and an additional centre is scheduled to open in Lafontaine later this year.  La Clé d’la Baie supports more than fifty permanent Francophone employees, making them the biggest and most diversified Francophone employer in Southern Georgian Bay.


Make A Mess Art Studio – New Business Award 

Emcee Maureen Reid from Meridian & Nahthanha Woods from Make A Mess


Make A Mess Art Studio is a unique two-year-old business that is rapidly growing in popularity for getting down and messy.  They offer their customers time away from all technology, relieving the stresses and anxiety that comes from every day busy schedules.  Make A Mess’ various programs engages everyone from toddlers to seniors, from individuals to large groups. Everyone has the opportunity to “make a mess” and not have to worry about the consequences. Make a Mess Art Studio’s goal is to bring a splash of colour and creativity to Southern Georgian Bay.


Wendat Community Programs – Community Support Award 

Emcee Richard O’Neill from BMO & Andrea Abbott-Kokosin from Wendat


Wendat Community Programs has recognized the rapid growth of the aging population in Southern Georgian Bay.  They worked with the community in building an affordable assisted living housing complex to accommodate this increasing demand. Over the years, they have worked in partnership with the hospital’s Emergency Department in the provision of Crisis Services.  Wendat Community Programs has a presence in both Midland and Penetanguishene providing high quality care, treatment, and rehabilitation services to both the elderly and to persons experiencing mental illness.  Wendat’s vision is to empower people in achieving their optimal health and well-being in Southern Georgian Bay.


Huronia Historical Parks – Ambassador Award 

Candice Moreau, Gary Molnar, Graham Barber (emcee) from Scotiabank, Bob Archibald, Nathalie Canto, and Mary Mandley from HHP


Huronia Historical Parks is an excellent steward of heritage as it drives economic prosperity, and builds community partnerships as a premier tourism attraction in Southern Georgian Bay.  In the last couple of years, Huronia Historical Parks was filled with fantastic growth by developing exceptional visitor experiences through the creation of unique and original events and programs.  As a great ambassador to the region, economically it has assisted in the growth and promotion for other business services. Huronia Historical Parks has had a positive impact on the community as it drives visitors to Southern Georgian Bay, over and over.


DELUXE|NEBS – Business Champion Award 

Markus Baumann, Tony Hume, Jill St. Amant (emcee), and Thom Leiper from DELUXE | NEBS


DELUXE | NEBS celebrates over forty years in Midland. As we know, change is constant and DELUXE | NEBS has managed to secure their work force to maintain an average of two hundred and fifty employees. They play an important role in supporting businesses to be recognized in the community. DELUXE | NEBS strive to be a partner to small and medium size businesses by providing advice, services, products, and corporate branding opportunities to help these businesses achieve success.  They have evolved into a trusted and valued company specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of personalized business products.  DELUXE | NEBS, no doubt, play an important role in Southern Georgian Bay.


BananaBaskets.com – President’s Award 

Emcee Marlene Thornbury from CIBC & Mary Archer from BananaBaskets.com


BananaBaskets.com has a history of over twenty years in the industry and is a well-known business in Southern Georgian.  The owner has been creating signature “make-you-feel-good” quality products that keeps clients returning year after year.  BananaBaskets.com grow sixty-five percent of their own produce and will use produce from local farmers as much as they can. BananaBaskets.com create a wide variety of unique and themed gift products to accommodate requests of their customers in Southern Georgian Bay and beyond. “Big things come in small Baskets”.


Alair Homes – President’s Award 

Emcee Kate Smith, Chamber President, & Mike Ribout and Justin Thompson from Alair Homes


Alair Homes has seen incredible growth and support from the community, and as a result, their revenue over the past two years had increased one hundred percent and is forecasted to increase an addition two hundred percent for this year! To sustain their growth, Alair Homes is expecting to increase their staff of seven by an additional two or three people.  They are committed to their employees and encourage them to continually challenge themselves and focus on personal development.  The majority of Alair Homes’ clients are either building new homes or renovating their recreational home or cottage.  Alongside their well-experienced staff and dedication to helping people fulfill their dreams, Alair Homes is contributing to the economy and growth of Southern Georgian Bay. 


Congratulations to this year’s recipients!!