2016 Census of Population Program

2016 Census (CNW Group/Statistics Canada)

With outstanding engagement from Canadians from coast to coast and unwavering support from local governments and community organizations, Statistics Canada achieved its best census ever.

Canadians’ response rate of 97.8 per cent to the 2016 long form is the best ever recorded. With the active participation by 9 in 10 Canadian households who completed their short and long-form questionnaire without assistance from Statistics Canada, and the world-record Internet response rate of 68.3 per cent, 2016 is undeniably the most efficient among traditional censuses conducted in the world.

These impressive results coupled with an overall collection response rate of 98.4 per cent will yield high-quality information for virtually all communities across Canada.

Statistics Canada now shifts its focus to dissemination with a first data release on February 8, 2017, launching an accelerated release schedule that will provide Canadians with all census data within 18 months of collection.