WSPS Health and Safety Articles for November

  1. 4 ways to prevent a COVID-flu “twindemic” in your workplace

    The pitch: two invisible threats simultaneously infiltrate local communities. Unsuspecting residents spread disease as they go about their daily business. Everybody is at risk; nobody is immune. While this sounds like it could be a horror movie, it’s actually a worst-case scenario if seasonal influenza (flu) converges with COVID-19

  2. How to safely use, handle & dispose facemasks
    Who could have foreseen how quickly Canadians would adapt to wearing face coverings? They’re everywhere on city streets, in shops, and in workplaces where physical distancing isn’t always possible.

  3. 5 best practices for bringing visitors safely into your workplace
    When the pandemic began, many workplaces that were not open to the public applied a simple solution to the issue of visitors: no visitors allowed. But as the pandemic persists, this strategy may no longer be sustainable. For instance, an equipment breakdown or process change may require on-site technical support.