Welcome To Southern Georgian Bay

Southern Georgian Bay is not only home to two of the largest freshwater marinas in Canada but has the largest collection of freshwater islands in the world

A destination that offers a variety of experiences for every member of your family or group.

Southern Georgian Bay is strategically located 90 minutes north of Toronto; and only 1 hour from scenic routes of Muskoka, Parry Sound, and Collingwood.

On the shorelines of beautiful Georgian Bay, the area is first-class for its sunsets, beaches, trails, and natural forest. The four seasons have much to offer! 

Spring is bursting with fresh blooms and green grass after the spring showers. Georgian Bay thaws and comes to life for summer enjoyment.

Summer is full of outdoor activities on the water and on land.  Enjoy live theatre, local markets, and unique shopping.

Fall is vibrant with its colors as the season is changing.  Walk or drive through picturesque sceneries as the colors are at their peak. 

Winter is energizing as you bundle up and experience the magic of Jack Frost.  Take part in a number of snow-covered activities and festivals.

Make Southern Georgian Bay your next destination. We guarantee that if you plan to come for a day; you will end up planning your stay for three or more. 

Southern Georgian Bay is your perfect get-away!!