Referral Program


A NEW referral program is here…and this could mean

BIG savings for your business!

Increase your business contacts while decreasing your yearly membership fees.

For every new member you refer to the Chamber throughout the year your business will benefit financially the following year. Please see the referral chart below.


  • 1 New Member = 10% off Membership 
  • 2 New Members = 25% off Membership
  • 3 New Members = 50% off Membership
  • 4 New Members = 75% off Membership
  • 5 New Members = 100% off Membership


This new referral program will be tracked through the new member’s application form.

Your Name and Company Name must be on their application form to qualify.


Do you know of a business that could benefit from more exposure; increased business contacts; discounted rates; health coverage and much more? 

Introduce them to the Chamber and we can provide a path for business success.