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Nan & Pop’s Good Eats


779 Balm Beach Road, East
Midland, Ontario
L4R 4K4

Nan and Pops Good Eats is an idea that came to fruition, a dream made real, and a practical answer to the question, “where can we shop locally to buy quality foods at reasonable prices?” What exactly is Nan and Pops Good Eats? Let’s start by telling you what we’re not. 

We’re not a grocery store, we’re not a butcher shop, and we’re not a bakery. 

That said, you CAN rely on us for quality meats, seafood, poultry, complimentary grocery items, exceptional prepared foods, and, on occasion, wonderful chef-inspired creations. You know that friend of yours you can always count on to get you stuff because he “knows a guy?” Well, consider us that guy. And we definitely know our stuff when it comes to quality food products.

Nan and Pops Good Eats is a single-location supply depot for foodies who appreciate quality goods sold at reasonable prices – a uniquely designed “food emporium.”  We’re a supplier of top-notch beef, pork, chicken, and fresh hand-made sausages; high-quality salmon, shrimp, scallops, and other water-born delicacies; complimentary foods like artisan bread, Brioche hamburger buns, flour and yeast, organic eggs, and exquisite cheeses – everything from hot dogs to haute cuisine. In essence, we’re a supply chain operation with a focus on procuring great foods and making them available to locals in the Midland/ Penetanguishene area. People who love preparing and serving great foods to family and friends know how important the ingredients are when creating their culinary masterpieces. Nan and Pops Good Eats is all about ensuring you have a steady supply of quality mains and complimentary ingredients with which to cook. The real Nan and Pop who inspired this venture wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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