For Immediate Release.

The Wye Marsh Plans a new Future Last fall, the Wye Marsh began a very exciting visioning process that will guide us to a bright new future. A future that brings a focus that reflects what we collectively value most about the Marsh experience. To date, our volunteers have interviewed a significant number in our communities but we don’t want to miss anyone who would like to participate. For you and your family, was it a canoe trip, a quiet walk in the woods, a workshop, Sweetwater Festival or maybe feeding our friendly chickadees? Do you see the Marsh moving on a different path or wish to see just more of what staff do so well? We need to hear from as many interested persons as we can. This collective vision will be the path to  will building a bright future. To do this, we are having a Summit on February 9 from 5 to 9 pm at the Marsh. At that time, we will share what we have heard so far and ask you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. This will be the most important part of the evening. The positive changes will happen with our collective ideas. Refreshments will be served.  Space is limited so please book your seat by calling Sara Street at 705-526-7809 ext 201 or email by February 1. “We are very excited to be sharing our visioning process with our stakeholders. The prospect of a new future is very close,” says Sean Diening, President of the Board of Directors. “A new vision will propel the Marsh into the future as a vibrant part of our community. We are very optimistic and truly excited about this opportunity to forge a new future.” For more information Contact: Sara Street Executive Director Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre ‘Fostering Environmental Stewardship’ Phone:  (705) 526-7809 X 201