January 31, 2014 – On Thursday February 20, 2014, The Tourism Company will unveil the final Huronia Area TOURISM ACTION PLAN that involved months of stakeholder consultations, workshops and visioning sessions attended by area Tourism industry professionals.

The final Huronia Area TOURISM ACTION PLAN focuses on a coordinated approach to a tourism destination management plan and identifies opportunities for strategic development between regional and local partner organizations involved in tourism and encourages a refresh and enhancement to current tourism products and services to develop key and unique visitor experiences.
Tourism was identified as one of the four pillars by the Huronia Economic Alliance. In September 2013, the four Huronia municipalities (Town of Midland, Town of Penentanguishene, Township of Tay and Township of Tiny) were fortunate to receive funding in the amount of $40,000 from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport through its Tourism Development Fund to develop the Huronia Area TOURISM ACTION PLAN.

“This regional TOURISM ACTION PLAN provides our municipalities with a concrete plan that will enable us to collectively implement a more efficient and effective model for destination planning and management, and in turn move the tourism industry to new levels of success”, states Bryan Peter, Chair of the Huronia Area Tourism Steering Committee.

Through the guidance of The Tourism Company, stakeholder consultations, workshops and visioning sessions were undertaken and provided the valuable information from experiences Tourism professionals to ensure the final Action Plan provided business development, investment readiness, local research, visitor services and market development within the Tourism industry.

The Tourism Company Huronia Area TOURISM ACTION PLAN which projects a positive and bright road ahead for Tourism in Huronia will be presented to the community at a Tourism Summit to be held on Thursday February 20, 2014 beginning at 8:30 a.m. at Ste. Marie Among the Hurons.
For more information contact:
Mr. Bryan Peter, Chair
Huronia Area Tourism Steering Committee
527 Len Self Blvd, Midland, Ontario Telephone 705-526-4770 ext. 3207