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Banding Canada’s Smallest Bird

Midland, Ontario – Visitors to the Ontario Hummingbird Festival, July 12 – 14, 2013 will be given the rare and memorable experience of holding and releasing Canada’s smallest bird, the hummingbird.  During the banding demonstrations the public will also be exposed to all aspects of identification, behaviour and habitat needs of hummingbirds.
Leading the banding demonstrations is internationally renowned Bob Sargent from The Hummer/Bird Study Group.  Sargent has been banding birds since 1987 and uses the banding sessions as a way to educate and promote the preservation of wildlife and their habitat to participants both young and old.  Sargent is especially passionate about environmental education with children.  “The hands-on approach to educating children allows each child present to experience birds as living, breathing creatures deserving of our protection.”
The Friends of Wye Marsh are extremely excited about the festival and the opportunity to further their mission to promote environmental education through stewardship.  The festival centres on the hummingbird as one of Ontario’s most recognizable and beloved birds.  Every spring we delight in their arrival and go out of our way to attract them to our gardens and patios.  The familiarity and fondness of hummingbirds makes them the ideal backyard ambassador because when we plant and create habitat for hummingbirds we are protecting for the needs of all wildlife species.
Throughout the festival weekend there will be photography workshops, workshops and activities for children, expert speaker presentations, and local artisans.  Visitor experiences during the banding demonstrations will vary and depend on hummingbird numbers.  Registration is required for workshops and preferred for the banding sessions and presentations.  To register contact Wye Marsh at or 705-526-7809.  For further information go
For further information please contact:
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Bob Sargent
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