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This Thing Called “Small Business

Written by Michael McIntaggart of History Barber Shops/Café Kitty Hawk 
“Not everyone sees the ins and outs of the combined efforts of running the show at multiple businesses.  The highs and the lows.  The finish lines crossed and failures crossed off.  It’s no walk in the park, let us tell you.  All that said, we’re by no means complaining.  Not at all.  However, we’re celebrating!  If there was any other way, we’d likely turn it down.  You can’t truly or fully learn how to do this thing called ‘small business’ in a school.  You can project until the cows come home, but those are just projections. Sure you can prepare yourself for certain aspects, but in reality you must embrace and appreciate the fact that you’re schooling yourself and that those who trust in your mentorship are equally mentoring you.  As peers, as people, as problem solving or as problematic as people can be, its’ all learning. So we don’t bemoan inevitable hardships, we brace for them and then step through them.  Together, we are stronger, together we will create, command and conquer what we put our minds to”.

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